The private vineyards of the winery are located on a slope, at an altitude ranging from 180 to 550 meters. The special terroir of the area leads to the ideal maturing of the grapes. Winters are mild, with sparse rainfalls and the ambient temperature rarely falls below 0 °C. Summers are hot and dry with  bright sunshine but without excessively high temperatures. The summer heat is tempered by the sea breeze of Patras’ Gulf and the Ionian Sea.The autumn is long, with warm days and cool nights.

The soil is clayey and limestone at a higher altitude with good drainage. It is kept cool during the summer months and retains the appropriate level of moisture, acting as a natural regulator of water, even when the weather conditions are not ideal.

The vineyards are cultivated in underpinned linear configuration. The age of the vineyards goes beyond 40 years. Special care is given to low yield per hectare in order to achieve the production of high quality grapes.

The people of the winery inspect the vines at regular intervals throughout the year and every day from the end of July onwards. They measure the level of sugar, acidity and flavor in order to indicate the ideal time to start the harvest.

The varieties presently cultivated in the privately owned vineyards are the  local Greek Rhoditis, Mavrodaphne and Muscat, which find the ideal terroir to develop their full potential. This is the reason the wines produced in the area are classified as designation of origin. The international French variety Cabernet Sauvignon is cultivated as well and beautifully adapts to the microclimate of the area.

Apart from the privately  owned vineyards, part of the grapes comes from carefully selected vineyards of the area, whose cultivation is supervised throughout the year.

Along with the cultivation of the above mentioned varieties, experimentations with local Greek and international varieties are taking place in small scale, in order to investigate their adaptation to the climate of the area.