The wine tradition of the company begins in 1920 when Dimitrios Giannopoulos, traditional vine grower, develops, in the special area of Kallithea of Patras, in western Greece, the cultivation of black currants. A few years later, he engages in the cultivation of the local grape varieties of Mavrodaphne and Rhoditis. He builds a small winery, next to his family home, to make quality wines for everyday drinking.

After the World War II, in 1945, Dimitrios’ sons, Andreas and Kostas, following the family tradition,  deal with viticulture and vinification of grapes coming from the winery’s vineyards and carefully selected vineyards of Kallithea. New grape varieties are added to the existing ones: The local varieties Mavroudi, Muscat and Sideritis and the French variety Cabernet Sauvignon. Their main objective and concern is the production of high quality wines.

In 1970, they first bottled wine is made, named Liverada, exclusively from Rhoditis, a grape variety that defines the Achaean viticulture.

The name of the wine is inspired by a small piece of land in the area of ​​Kallithea Patra, famed for its unique subsoil and quality of produced grapes. The name comes with a noble meaning and appears to have its roots in the Ottoman occupation period: libero means free.

Andreas and Kostas are succeeded by Efie Giannopoulou, the daughter of Andreas, who takes the lead of the family business in 1995. Efie uses her background and knowledge in the art of wine making and successfully blends them with tradition, in order to continue and evolve the production of fine wine.

Efie Giannopoulou has imparted her love for wine and viticulture to her children and all partners of the winery.